Platitos [Closed]

Platitos was a delightful find for me. The ultra tiny shoe-box unit store offers affordable and great tasting tapas (although there wasn’t much variety). Menu is simply written on a blackboard next to the bar counter.


Due to limited space, we took the outdoor tables.

Beer on draft was San Miguel. We had 1 Sangria (Classic) and 1 Sangria (Beer). Was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing Sangria (Beer).  Comes in jug too.

For Tapas we tried: Meatball, Gambas, Tuna Ceviche, and Chicken Wings. The most outstanding dish was the Tuna Ceviche. The light seasoning brought out the freshness of the tuna. I liked the gambas too, but the prawns were the “glass-prawn” texture – clear & crunchy, understand not everyone liked these type of flesh. Meatballs were pretty standard. The chicken wings coated with spice powder were hot. Being seated outdoor, after having just 1 of these wings had my sweat dripping down my forehead…

Great simple fare which was satisfying and value for money.

[Updates on 14th Nov 13]

Back again and managed to try more items. Smoked salmon, roast pork belly and fried gnocchi. The fried gnocchi was really nice as it was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


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