☆ Chef Esaki Shintaro @ Mikuni

This visit to Mikuni was for a special event whereby Chef Esaki Shintaro flew in from Japan as guest chef for 1 week from 1-6 July 13. I made the reservation immediately in May when I first saw the pamphlet placed at Mikuni.

I had wanted to visit Esaki (Chef’s restaurant in Tokyo, which is a Michelin 3-star restaurant) earlier this year but had to give up cos of the language barrier. According to others, the restaurant in Tokyo does not have any staff who speak English and menu were also purely in Japanese. Given the constraints, I feel it would be difficult to communicate and understand the dishes served if I visited the restaurant in Tokyo.

Glad we have the chance to taste Chef Esaki’s cooking without the hassle of making reservations and travelling to Japan at his ever popular restaurant in Japan.

We had the lunch menu comprising of:

  • Sea Urchin, Green Asparagus and Warm Cresson – Sea Urchin was propped using a lump of salt, served together with boiled vegs on the side
  • Seasonal Wild Caught Sashimi – Panfish, flounder served with special soya sauce made by Chef. We were reminded by server to taste the sashimi using the correct japanese method of dipping the fish into the soya sauce without mixing the wasabi. Most Singaporeans have developed the bad habit of mixing the wasabi with soya sauce…The panfish had a rather strong taste and texture of meat was firmer than other fishes. I preferred the flounder which had a finer texture.


  • Crispy Ise Ebi lobster wrapped with Kataifi, Prawn Sauce with Organic Vegetables – The shredded wheat was fried to a nice crisp. Prawn sauce has strong umami, but the flesh of the lobster was slightly soggy. I particularly liked the slow-cooked vegetables, it brought out the intense flavor of the carrot.
  • Steamed Snapper and Cresson Rice, served with Taro Miso Soup – The rice had an aromatic flavour, each grain was firm and chewy.
  • Milk Pudding, Ten Styles of Wild Grains, Fresh Summer Peach and Blueberries – The peach was juicy and sweet, very refreshing. Milk pudding was smooth and creamy.
  • Organic Coffee and Japanese Herb Tea

Kaiseki lovers would certainly enjoy Chef Esaki’s delicate creations.

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