Eat Me Restaurant, Bangkok

Scooted to Bangkok for a short weekend getaway. The first thing we did upon touch-down was to dump our belongings at the hotel before hopping on the BTS to Sala Daeng station to have our supper (10pm BKK time). Eat Me Restaurant is opened till 1am daily hence would make it the perfect destination for us to fill our hungry stomachs…Not forgetting that they were ranked in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (#19, 2013).

The walk from the Sala Daeng station to the restaurant was a comfortable distance and we passed by many street-side food stalls along the walkway. The food sold by the stalls looks really tempting until I saw the large plastic basins used by the stall owners to wash the utensils. No offence but I certainly had doubts on the hygiene factor.

It was easy to spot Eat Me along the row of terrace units. In fact their exterior reminded me of the up-scale restaurants in Bali, typically surrounded by lush greenery. We were guided swiftly to the 2nd level, where the main dining hall was located. As the restaurant doubles up as an art gallery, they regularly change the artwork hung on the walls at the dining area. At the time of our visit, the artwork on display was called ‘OBSCENE’ by Thai photographer Manit Sriwanichpoom. Luckily I took the seat with my back against the photos…the photos were probably eye-candy to most guys at the restaurant.

Eat Me_01

Ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay before starting our meal with some bread served with salt, spice and olive oil for dipping.

As usual, we prefer to order a few starters and only 1 main to share in order to apportion our stomach space to taste maximum variety of dishes.

  • Fresh Oysters with Champagne Granita, Red Wine Mignonette – This was the first time I had granita as condiment for oysters. Granita is a type of Italian sorbet made of syrup flavoured liqueur, which in this case was Champagne.
  • Prawns & Scallop Ceviche w/ Pomegranate & Passionfruit – What caught my attention was the shotglass of popcorn at the side, was it just for decorative purpose?We tried the popcorn with the ceviche and discovered that it was an excellent pairing with the ceviche. The popcorns’ texture and salty flavor complemented the citrus juices. After some reading, I found out that traditional Peruvian/Ecuadorian ceviche are often served with popcorn. The use of pomegranate & passionfruit exudes great tropical flavours and was a change from our typical lime juice marinate, making this an unique & outstanding dish.

Eat Me_02

  • Grilled Giant River Prawn w/ Risotto – Prawn was fresh and chewy.  Risotto had creamy and rich texture.
  • Pan-seared Alaskan Sea Scallops w/ chorizo & black eye pea puree – Huge and succulent scallops. Perfectly seared with a light brown surface.
  • Sauternes Jelly w/ Fresh Berries, Creme Anglaise & Cotton Candy – The clear jelly was made with Sauternes, which is a French sweet wine. We poured the crème anglaise (custard sauce consisting of milk flavoured with vanilla and lightly sweetened, thickened with egg yolks) over the jelly and cotton candy. In one scoop, we felt the cotton candy melting in our mouths, mixed with the soft jelly, sweet and foamy creme anglaise and the fragrance of the sweet wine. Multiple textures and flavours amalgamate into one. A dessert which was not commonly spotted in Sgp.

The bill was presented to us in a glass cylinder with a rubber stopper. It was a great start to my BKK foodie trip.

Other photos – Hotel suite and BTS skytrain plastered with Manchester United team as they were in BKK for Asian tour at the same weekend.


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