Distil Bar, Bangkok

With countless rooftop bars in Bangkok, what made Lebua at State Tower stood out from the rest? One main factor had to be its appearance in Hollywood movie “The Hangover II”. Another factor which led me to visit them was the magnificent and impressive dome structure on top of the Tower.

Being mindful that there was strict dress code – no shorts, no sandals, we returned to our hotel for a quick change after a long day of shopping. Luckily the traffic towards Lebua wasn’t too congested and we reached the Sky Bar at around 6.30pm, in time to witness the sunset. However by then the bar area at the dome were already packed with visitors. Upon alighting from the lift on the top floor, we were led to Distil Bar, an area which was relatively empty and we got a seat along the edge of the balcony. Overheard some guests enquiring whether they could be transferred to the Sky Bar, but the staff said the area was too packed and couldn’t accommodate them for the time being.

I didn’t mind being seated at Distil Bar as it was less crowded and felt more exclusive. The guests at Sky Bar were jam-packed and were jostling to get a standing space near the clear parapet wall. I prefer to stay away from the crowd and enjoy my drink from the cosy area taking in the breathtaking view of the city landscape and seeing boats on the Chao Phraya river winding through the capital.

Distil Bar 01
We ordered our drinks – Hangovertini and Earl’s Reviver. Hangovertini was the cocktail specially created for the cast & crew of Hangover II movie. Earl’s Reviver was earl grey tea infused Absolut 100 Vodka mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice to create a light yet captivating cocktail. When it was served to me, the glass had alcohol fumes flowing out caused by the tea bag’s heat. A very dreamy drink.

We still managed to walk over to the Sky Bar (where the dome was) after we finished our drinks, by then the bulk of the crowd had dispersed. So if you are visiting Sky Bar for the panoramic night scenery or simply to chill, suggest avoiding the 5-8pm slot.

Distil Bar 02

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One Response to Distil Bar, Bangkok

  1. John says:

    Yes! The Earl’s Reviver. Great drink. The “alcohol fumes” were actually dry ice, though.

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