Nahm, Bangkok

Being on a foodie trip to BKK, how could we miss out Nahm, which was ranked on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants (#32, 2013) and the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (#3, 2013). Reservation was made in advanced for the anticipated dinner at the award-winning Thai Restaurant.

Immediately upon entering the restaurant, we were engulfed by the aromatic Tom Yum scent which filled the entire dining hall. Although serving Thai cuisine, the decor was surprisingly modern and setting was very businesslike.

Wines on the wine list were not cheap, we ordered a bottle of red wine – 2011 Little Yering, Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley, Australia for our dinner. The versatile red would probably be suitable to accompany the zingy Thai food.

First up was the appetizer of Minced Pork with Pineapple. The savoury minced pork was a great contrast with the sweet and sour pineapple.


For the meal, we had the nahm set menu which was based on the ala carte menu comprising of a selection of canapes, a choice of one dish from each section of the main courses shared by the table, followed by dessert.

The canapes served were:

  • Prawn and Coconut Wafers with Pickled Ginger – Thin and crispy wafer wrapped around fillings with diced prawns, bean curds and bean sprouts.
  • Smoked Fish, Peanut and Tapioca Dumplings – Chewy tapioca with nutty peanuts. Smoked Fish added a bit of saltiness to the dish with flavoursome umami.
  • Toasted Coconut with Watermelon and Mango – Crunchy bits of coconut was a contrast to the refreshing fruits.
  • Salted Threadfin Perch with Ginger, Chilli and Green Mango on Betel Leaves -Multitude of flavours in 1 bite. Sour, salt, spicy and peppery taste all fighting for attention of my taste bud.


  • Salad of Fresh Water Crayfish with Pork and Asian Pennywort – After tasting the series of strong flavoured canapes, this was a nice break. Finally something light.
  • Aromatic Curry of Wagyu Beef and Sweet Potatoes with Cucumber Relish – This was the most impressive dish for the night. Wagyu Beef was tender and curry was rich and thick. A mouthwatering dish that goes very well with the jasmine rice.
  • [Single portion] Clear Soup of Minced Pork and Prawns with Pak Warn and Squid – This innocent looking soup sure packs lotsa punch. I enjoyed it even though it tasted a tad too spicy even for Asians like us who grew up having chilli in almost everything we eat…
  • [Single portion] Clear Soup of Roast Duck with Thai Basil and Young Coconut – This soup was milder and tasted sweeter.
  • [Single portion] Chicken Soup with Yellow Beans, Chilli and Lime – This soup had least character amongst the 3, more mellowed but was tad too salty.


  • Grilled Prawn and Shrimp Paste Relish with Sweet Pork, Grilled Fish and Fresh Vegetables – The shrimp paste relish was also slightly too spicy for me.
  • Scallops Stir-fried with Spring Onions and Chilli – Was slightly disappointed with this dish, mainly cos of the tiny pieces of scallops. Very similar to chinese Cantonese style dish.

Before our desserts, we were served a palate cleanser of Green Mango with Salt and Lime. It was essential to have a palate cleanser after the rich and heavy meal, as most Thai desserts are sweet-based.

Our choice of desserts:

  • Durian and White Sticky Rice – Had wanted Mango and Sticky Rice but was told it was not available. Can’t imagine why there was shortage of Mango in Thailand? Or maybe they couldn’t get the good ones so they did not serve the dish. But Durian – “King of Fruits” was a great replacement too. Accompanied on the side by the “Queen of Fruits” – Mangosteen. Sticky rice was chewy yet not gelard. Enjoyed this to the last slurp…
  • [Special dessert] Custard Apple in Coconut Cream served with Sesame Biscuit – Crispy aromatic biscuit was a nice complement to the creamy coconut cream.
  • Lychee in Scented Syrup with Thai Cup Cakes – Was supposed to be Longan but was replaced with Lychee. Both fruits were pretty similar in nature, so I guess it didn’t affect the overall taste much, it still tasted great and refreshing.


I was certainly bursting at my seams at the end of the sumptuous meal. At 1,800 baht per person, it could highly likely be the most value-for-money restaurant I’ve visited so far amongst the Asia Top 50 restaurants. The meal was a gustatory delight, challenging our sense of taste with myriad of flavours.

We popped by Banyan Tree (which was just next door from COMO) to visit their rooftop bar – Moon Bar, after our dinner. Similar scenic view as Sky Bar at Lebua but with a very different ambience. A lot more romantic, I would say cos its much dimmer here, so dim that I had to walk really carefully…The tiny bar area was packed but felt really open as evidenced from the photo below. The barricade had loosely spaced (but sturdy) mid railings and was probably at only at height of 1.2m (the guy in photo was sitting down). I wonder if such a roof-top building design would even pass BCA’s safety requirements in Singapore…


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