Authors’ Lounge – Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Today is my last day in BKK. We planned it to be a day of relaxation…arranged for a 3-hr spa/massage at Coran Boutique Spa in Ekamai (Japan Town) followed by a leisurely afternoon tea at Authors’ Lounge in Mandarin Oriental. Advanced booking is highly recommended – we saw guests being turned away. Strict dressing code also applies – no shorts and sandals.

A great way to reach Mandarin Oriental is to take the hotel’s complimentary shuttle service from Saphan Taksin Pier – accessible from the BTS of the same name. It was a short ride of less than 10 mins to reach the hotel which allowed us to take in riverside views while on the river cruise. And it’ll make one feel like a royalty on the exquisitely designed boat.

Authors Lounge_01

The English-styled lounge was stunningly elegant in its pure white-coloured theme with the rich history behind it – countless number of famous writers whom had stayed in the hotel.

Authors Lounge_02

There were 2 types of afternoon tea set available – Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set and the Thai Tea Set. Each set is sufficient for 2 pax. We ordered the Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set which included 1 beverage and added-on 1 beverage for the 2nd person.

Authors Lounge_03

We spent closed to 2-hours enjoying our afternoon tea at the hotel. However we were kinda upset with the rowdy crowd who kept chatting loudly… disrupting the otherwise quaint and serene environment…

This would be the last meal we have in BKK before going to the airport and ending our holiday…

Other photos taken earlier:

Coran Spa

Coran Boutique Spa in Ekamai.

Snacks from BKK

The “Only in Thailand” Tom Yum Pretz which I searched high & low for (its kinda addictive)…and the sour cream version which I happened to see.  Also bought the “Lobster Hot Plate” and “Hot Chilli Squid” potato chips…It was a pity that I couldn’t find the “Lychee Pocky” in BKK…

With this I ended my short weekend getaway in BKK.

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2 Responses to Authors’ Lounge – Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

  1. hi i hope you can reply to his soon.. i will like to check where can i buy the Tom yum Pretz in bangkok??
    CTC –

    • Hi, you may like to know that the Tom Yum Pretz is available in Singapore already. I saw it in NTUC recently. For online orders:

      In Bangkok, you may be able to find it at some FamilyMart outlets. Skip Big C, I didn’t manage to find it there. If you stay near Ekkamai, you can go to the mall there is a store specialising in Jap Snacks and you can find the version I bought there.


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