Okada Coffee, Singapore [Closed]

Visited Okada Coffee for ‘brunch’ on a weekend. The Japanese coffee place is located discreetly at one of the corners of 100AM at level 3, need to look carefully to find this place.

Originally wanted to try their “Afternoon Tea Set” sample displayed (the 2-tiered tea set for 2 pax) at the front of the store, but it comes with normal re-fillable coffee and they don’t allow top-up to replace it with other drinks.

Instead we ordered their “Set Menu” – Katsu Curry, which comes with Salad and coffee/tea/yuzu soda.

Okada Coffee Singapore_01

The salad and yuzu soda were pretty ok, the katsu was slightly tough and I felt the rice was a bit lumpy.

As I wanted very much to try the “Brazil Santos Chocolate” coffee, I gave up the “Afternoon Tea Set” and ordered a piece of Maccha Cake.

Okada Coffee Singapore_02

The “Brazil Santos Chocolate” coffee was really smooth and rich. I enjoyed drinking it without cream, though I rarely take “Kopi-O”. Luv their pretty coffee cups.

Other than having the Maccha cake at the cafe, I also bought a Strawberry Cake home to try. Both cakes were pretty ok but I felt that there were a few other Japanese patisseries in Tanjong Pagar that serve better ones.

[Updates on 17th Aug 2013]

Tried their  “Afternoon Tea Set” for 1 pax comprises of Scone with Blueberry jam, Meatball, Sandwich, coffee muffin, mini Maccha cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry tart and cookie. Comes with a choice of coffee/tea. A bit disappointed with the tea set as the items were pretty normal, nothing noteworthy.

Okada Coffee Singapore_03

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