Jewel Cafe and Bar

This week my jie-mei lunch khakis and I returned to Rangoon road to continue our exploration of cafes in that area, this time round our target was Jewel Cafe and Bar. After a short walk from Farrer Park MRT, we managed to find the place without much problem.

Luv the little open-air sitting area in front of the shop. The clear glass facade also made the cafe looked much brighter and spacious, enhanced by the white glazed tiles on the walls.

Jewel cafe_01

Look at the pretty “Swan” latte art. The latte was very reasonably priced for its generous size.

More yummy food arrived on our table: Smoked Salmon Salad, Umami Prawn Capellini and Chocolate Brownie with Ice-Cream.

The smoked salmon slices were thick, soft and juicy. Great salad dish. The prawns used for the capellini were fresh and huge but the pasta felt slightly lacking in flavour. Chocolate brownie was pretty standard but good enough.

Jewel cafe_02

Noticed the nice wood engraving at the back of the clipboard used to hold the menu.

Unfortunately they don’t serve all-day breakfast when we visited them. Would love to try their breakfast menu some other time.

The ambience at Jewel is quite different from L’etoile which is also located within the same area. Jewel is industrial, chic and modern while L’etoile is dreamy and romantic. I’m pretty sure they’ll each have their own supporters.

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