Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant

Passed by Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant in 100AM many times but unfortunately at the wrong timing. On several occasions I was feeling a bit “heaty” and was avoiding spicy food to keep my health in check. Most of the dishes in the menu were spicy-based, so if you had any tingling feeling of upcoming sore throat, better visiting them when you are at best of health so that you can fully enjoy the meal.

Pagi Sore

We were served Keropok Belinjau with Belachan chilli paste as appetizer. Liked the addictively crispy and crunchy keropok. The Belinjau naturually had a slight bitter flavour but it can be easily masked by eating the keropok with the chilli paste.

For main dishes we tried their Udang Asam Pedas Prawns Stewed in Earthenware Pot with Asam Gravy, Tumis Kangkong Belachan Stir-fried Kangkong and Tahu Telor Fried beancurd omelette.

By cooking the rice wrapped in banana leaf it added much fragrance to it. I also liked the asam gravy which goes very well with the rice. We were surprised at the generous size of the tahu telor when it was served. The beancurd was covered with peanuts, sliced carrot and fried egg toppings.

This restaurant is a good choice for all spicy food lovers.

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