Uma Uma Ramen & Horse’s Mouth

Found Uma Uma Ramen as they uses Hakata noodles instead of the normal ramen. Visited them when I had ramen craving but didn’t want to spend too much time queuing at the forever long queue ramen shop inside Mandarin Gallery.

We tried their Spicy Chasiu Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen with a Potato salad side dish.

Their hakata noodles were really fine and soft. Soup base was also quite flavoursome. I particularly liked the use of spring onions and sesame toppings. Texture of the tamago was just right. I fell in love with their ramen almost instantly. The potato salad was also faultless. Totally satisfying meal.

What’s best about this ramen place is we can have a post-dinner drinks at their hidden bar – Horse’s Mouth downstairs.

Uma Uma Ramen

We ordered a Black Jamaican Planter Punch and a Four Square Spiced Zoladkowa Kiwi Strawberry.

This was a second time I visited a hidden bar, first being The Library. The Library at Keong Saik street (next to Keong Saik Snacks) requires a password to enter. Although both bars were decked out in dark interiors, the ambience at these 2 bars were totally different. At Horse’s Mouth it was classy, spacious and relaxing. While it was more funky and rowdy over at The Library.

This would definitely go into my list of favourite ramen places.

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