★ Sushi Ichi, Singapore [Relocated]

Sushi Ichi has been on my “To eat” list since they first opened their Singapore outlet last year but held back cos of their relatively high pricing – dinner ranges from $210 – $450 per person. We decided to visit them for lunch which is less costly at $60 – $450 per person to kick-start our long weekend break.

Reservation is highly recommended as seating is limited. We arrived punctually at Scotts Square and was led to one of the 2 sushi bar counters in the restaurant. Sushi chef helming our counter was Chef Seiji Sudo. He was grinding the wasabi plant in preparation of our meal. The counter was filled by 12.45pm with a total of 7 guests. We opted for the Sakura set $170 per pax with Appetizer, assorted sashimi (2), assorted dish, nigiri sushi (8 pieces), miso soup and dessert.

We started our meal with Takasago sake followed by the amuse bouche – Japanese cucumber with tofu skin and plum sauce.

Sushi Ichi_01

Next was Clear soup with mushroom as appetizer. The light stock was flavoursome and with that we waited for chef to prepare our sashimi.

The first sashimi we had was Sea Bass, followed by Conch (which silly me forgot to snap a photo). There was a slice of shiso leaf in wrapped in the sliced sea bass, the shiso leaf has a unique taste and fragrance. The beige coloured Conch meat was chewy with a slight crunch.

Assorted dish comprised of 5 bite-sized items: corn soup, fish with ponzu sauce, unagi, prawn wrapped with cucumber and japanese yam. I particularly liked use of ponzu sauce with fish as the refreshing ponzu added citrusy flavor to the fish. The japanese yam was soft and creamy with a slight sweetness in it.

Chef then prepares the nigiri sushi one by one: Jack mackerel, Whiting fish, Clam,
Bluefin tuna back, Shiro ebi (Small Shrimp), Bluefin tuna belly (Toro)

Sushi Ichi_02

We enjoyed observing the chef at work, preparing each of the sushi for us. For some items he added grated skin of lime in them. My favourite was the last nigiri – Toro. The belly part of the tuna was saturated with fats, look at the nice pattern on it which is why it is more pinkish than red in colour. It tasted buttery and melts in the mouth.

Last 2 sushi items were Chirashi with Uni, Ikura and Sea eel (Anago) with cucumber and gourd maki. Uni was nice, not too briny. The rice used for the sushi was supple and has a mild sweet taste. Miso soup was also served together.

Sushi Ichi_03

Pre-dessert was special omelette made of egg, prawn and yam. Dessert was mango pudding with wine jelly and assorted sorbet.

It was a wonderful dining experience dining at Sushi Ichi, fine dining experience & great ambience. I can’t help but wonder how the quality & freshness of seafood compares to Sushi Dai in Tsukiji Market. I’m still upset that I can’t taste Sushi Dai after the 3.5 hours queue…

While I enjoyed this meal, I’m still not convinced to spend $450 on their omakase (heart will still ache)…I could have spent the money on an air tix to Tokyo.

[Updated on 30th Jun 2015]

Sushi Ichi has relocated to

Singapore Marriott Tang Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

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