Triple Three @ Mandarin Orchard Hotel

Was at Triple Three for lunch buffet with a group of lovely ladies, we took leave from work to enjoy our leisure afternoon gathering.

Lunch buffet starts at 12 noon so its best to arrive early to avoid the crowd later. When we entered the eatery, the seating area was quite empty and we made our way to the cold seafood and sashimi sections. When we went back later for 2nd helping there were already long queues at both sections as they were the most popular ones.

There were total of 8 stations, other than the sashimi and seafood, there were salads, tempura, teppanyaki, roast meat, Asian food, Indian dishes and desserts.

For cold seafood there were only 3 options: mussels, poached prawns and scallops. But they also had smoked swordfish and smoked tuna at the salad section. For sashimi, they had salmon, tuna and octopus.

Asian food included Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, Dim Sum. Roast station had roast beef and honey baked ham.

Since they had Japanese-styled stations like tempura and teppanyaki, with provision of miso soup and soba, I was surprised I didn’t see Chawamushi. Maybe I missed that out.

Triple three

The dessert station had huge variety of pastries at the start of the buffet…however by the time we target the section at 2pm, most of them were gone. Although thankfully there were still quite a lot of options. I tried the macarons (which were not too sweet), Tiramisu (which was very smooth & creamy) and the Choux pastry.

The service staff were attentive and prompt in clearing the plates and topping up the drinks. The overall experience was pleasant as the seating area was pretty spacious and despite being quite fully occupied, the noise level was pretty acceptable. 

With nice ambience and great companion, time flies and it felt that the 2.5hrs lunch buffet time seemed way too short for us~

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