Zui Hong Lou

Somehow the concept of serving Chinese food along with cocktails in bars have caught up in Singapore, Zui Hong Lou is another bar which not only adopted similar idea but also weaved in the “retro” theme.

Can’t help but felt that the name of the bar sounded too “cheena”. For those familiar with Jay Chou’s songs its as thou the shop’s name could be the title of songs written by lyricist Fang Wen Shan due to his chinese poetry writing style. Doesn’t seem to gel with the “old Singapore” retro theme.

But the bar name does match their signature drink – Flower Song, served in a chinese tea pot. The vodka-based cocktail comprises of lychee, honey and chrysanthemum flowers. I thought the lychee taste had dominated the cocktail but I had fun drinking cocktail from the traditional chinese tea cups.

They also serve normal cocktails (from the Gem Bar next door) like the Starfruit Martini we ordered.

Zui Hong Lou

Ordered a few dim sum items to try: Seafood Salad Roll, Deep Fried Banana and Prawn Roll, Pan Fried Carrot Cake with Dried Shrimp and Chilli crab with Man Tou Buns. I’m not sure if my taste buds were affected by the neon lights but I though the food was pretty unnotable. The first 2 items were still quite ok, the carrot cake somehow tasted a bit spongy, the man tous were nicely fried but the chilli crab sauce doesn’t taste like any chilli crab gravy I’ve ever eaten…

Perhaps it still takes time for people to adopt the new dim sum tapas concept as the Gem Bar next door (by the same owners) still packs in the crowd while it remained pretty empty here.

For me the glaring red interior brick walls with neon lights made it uncomfortable to stay long. But the Flower Song concoction is something I could try my hands on making at home~

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