Raku Raku Japanese Dining

Discovered Raku Raku Japanese Dining while walking past Duxton Hill on one of the weekends and noted that the place was rather packed. Dropped by to try their food on a weekday night.

There were a few Japanese smokers outside the restaurant when we arrived – I mentally noted that “Not bad, this meant that this place is also frequent by Japanese”. What caught me by surprised was once inside, 80% of the customers were speaking rowdily in Japanese. It was as if I was dining in Japan town, even the TV monitors were showing Japan league baseball matches.

Ordered Sashimi Platter of 5 kinds – Tako (Octopus), Toro, Swordfish, Yellowtail and Salmon. Somehow I must be kinda bushed to make a silly decision to go for Assorted Nigiris and ended up with more of the similar fishes plus Prawn, Tamago and roll…

The sashimi was thick but I didn’t quite enjoy them as it felt a bit tougher than usual. The Nigiri sushi rice was also a bit dry and the grains didn’t taste supple.

Raku Raku Japanese Dining

Tried the Assorted Yakitoris – Mushrooms, Golden mushroom wrapped with Bacon, Chicken with Leek, Pork Belly and Chicken. The pork ones were tough and hard…Couldn’t taste the grilled flavour.

I left wondering if I had missed out on any of their specialty items or perhaps should have tried their cooked dishes like curry rice and teriyaki sets???

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