Bitters & Love [Relocated]

Been exploring cocktail bars recently and found Bitters & Love located along the quieter part of North Canal road. The shophouse unit operate as “Shoebox Canteen” in the day serving up hearty meal for people working around the area and in the night, the space behind the partition door opens up to serve up the cocktails in the evening.

So if you are visiting them in the evening, lookout for the white letterbox and the seemingly “closed” section of Shoebox Canteen at the front of the shophouse. Walk right through the empty tables to reach the bar at the end of the unit.

Bitters & Love_01

Tell the bartender what you feel like having for the night and order some light snacks and you are ready to chill out at this cozy establishment.

Don’t need to crack your brain on what bar snacks to order as there are only 5 options. We tried 3 of them on our first visit there: Freshly Shucked Oysters, “Love” Chips hand-cut chips with chipotle and aioli sauce and Beef Cubes 200g Rangers Valley, 300 days grain-fed wagyu.

Although the oysters were also fresh and tasty, my favourite was the Beef Cubes with its superbly tender pinkish centre and a slightly crispy char-grilled outer crust.

Bitters & Love_02

For cocktails, we ordered one with “Mango” and another with “Raspsberry”.  Luv the bright colours. My only slight comment about the drinks is “Can the bartender reduce the portion of ice in the glass?” I felt that the drink was fast diluted by the melted ice.

Hope to be able to be back to have some drinks and get to visit Shoebox Canteen, think they serving dinner from 6-9pm soon.

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