Tsukada Nojo Singapore – Dinner

Thanks to my employer’s policy of allowing staff to leave work 1 hour earlier on last Friday of the month – actually its 30 mins earlier every Friday so that it works out to 42 hours work-week and we get extra 30 mins once in a month as part of encouraging work-life balance; we managed to reach Chinatown Point’s Tsukada Nojo to mark our name in the “waiting list” by 6.30pm.   Their 美人锅 is only available for dinner and my last attempt to visit them failed when I reached at 7.30pm (post on lunch & other visit).

We were notified that the waiting time range from 30-45 mins, but eventually we got into the restaurant only 1 hour later. Ordered the standard set for 2 pax comprising of Chicken, Tori Tsukune, Yellow Zucchini, Lady’s Finger, Water Melon Radish, Baby Corn, Yuzu, Deep Fried Tofu, Sunflower Sprout, Lettuce, Fresh Black Fungus, Mushrooms , Baby Sweet Potato Leaves, Whole Shrimps and a choice of Noodles: Thin Egg/Thick Mochi/Rice Noodles.

Additional items for the steamboat can be ordered ala-carte.

Tsukada Nojo Singapore_01

Rich collagen pudding in the hotpot was served (looks like soya bean curd) and heated until they melted into liquid form.  The server served us a sip of the soup in sake cup before placing the ingredients in. The soup was thick, flavoursome and savoury.

While waiting for the food to be cooked, we enjoyed our ala carte order of Nikumaki Onigiri with Cheese and with Yuzu pepper & mayo.  Its essentially rice ball wrapped with pork and seasoned in different sauces. It was to be eaten with the lettuce wraped over the onigiri. I enjoyed the one with Yuzu pepper & mayo as the yuzu had a distinct aroma and fragrance.

4 types of spices available: Chili Shoyu, Yuzu Pepper (green coloured one), Negri ginger oil (slight yellow) and Red chili oil. I mixed the yuzu, ginger and red chili together to pair with the food especially the tender chicken meat.

The server also handed over a saucer of seaweed paste for us to add to taste, the paste was pretty salty but full of umami.

As we ran out of ingredients at the end of the meal, we ordered an ala carte Roasted Chicken Fillet to go with the noodles. I tried the roasted chicken fillet when I visited them for lunch and found it quite savoury (although the meat was slightly tough). However on hindsight I should have ordered another portion of the plain chicken meat whose meat falls apart from the bone at the slightest tug. Or the Tori Tsukune which was juicy and chewy.

Tsukada Nojo Singapore_02

Ended our meal with an Egg Pudding decorated with a smiley face by the staff.

Absolutely satisfying meal…I certainly enjoyed the dinner more than their lunch. Looking forward to the next opportunity to enjoy their collagen hotpot.

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