Bar-Roque Grill

Bar-Roque Grill in Amara Hotel took over the premise which was formerly a microbrewery pub. While “baroque” style is often associated with terms such as opulence, luxury or even ostentatious, over at Bar-Roque Grill this was reflected in a small part of the restaurant – the semi private dining area which had leather bench seats with wall adorned with a Cherub graffiti. The other sections to this place was an intimate & cozy internal main dining area which has a open-kitchen and a casual seating external terrace bar.

As I didn’t make any reservation and the main dining hall was quite packed, we took the seats at the terrace bar area.

Started our meal with a Char-grilled Octopus Salad ($24) which was topped with generous sliced almonds giving it a nutty taste. The romesco coulis (which was a nut and red pepper-based sauce) was a nice match to the grilled chewy octopus.

Bar roque Grill

For main we had their French Free Range Chicken (half) $20, in Natural flavour with a side of Ravioles “Royan” & Wild Mushrooms ($12). The chicken was tender & juicy, being free range it also meant that its smaller in size but had higher portion of lean meat. The Ravioles served “au gratin” style was excellent.  The tiny pasta pockets were filled with a blend of wonderful cheeses and herbs.

Ended our meal with the Banana & Nutella Tart Flambe w/ Home Made Ice Cream ($12). Its a thin crust pizza liked dessert with sliced bananas drizzled with nutella sauce.

I enjoyed the food here but the overall experience would be much better if we were seated indoor. My personal observation was the indoor area is often packed whenever I passed by them be it for weekend brunch or for dinner. So its definitely a wise decision to place reservations to secure seating near the kitchen if you wanna enjoy watching the chef in action and take in the ambience.

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