Lucha Loco

Lucha Loco – a Mexican restaurant and bar took over the premise of Toucan Irish Pub at the corner of Duxton hill. Gone was the garden at the side of the shophouse and it was replaced with a wooden floor terrace.

I had previously passed by this place a couple of times but was usually very packed with mostly large groups of foreigners as their main customer base. We deliberately chose to visit them on a weekday hoping that it will be less crowded, but their business seemed to be bustling as ever.

No indoor seats available when we arrived so we took the terrace seats. The atmosphere here was rowdy due to large groups of people chatting. *I wonder if the residents nearby were affected by the noise? I had problems holding a proper conversation w/o having to raise my voice…

For drinks we ordered Lucha Loco Margarita and Lucha Loco Sangria. The margarita was pretty citric & sour (I’m very adverse to sourness…), the sangria was pretty alright.

Food wise we had

  • Tostaditas de Cangrejo Crab tostaditas with habanero, avocado and cucumber – my favourite dish for the night. Crispy tostaditas with thinnly sliced veg, fresh crab meat.
  • Ceviche de Camarones y Pulpo Prawn & octopus ceviche – Another very citric dish…the octopus was slight hard rather than chewy. Didn’t really taste much of the prawn inside. I liked the crispy corn chips though.
  • Quesadilla de Pollo Chicken  Quesadilla with coriander, serrano chilli and mojo verde – Pretty standard.

The service staff recommended us to try their Tacos, will probably try that if I get to visit them again.

Lucha Loco

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