Cocotte is housed inside Wanderlust Hotel at Dickson road. When Wanderlust Hotel first opened after restoration of the shophouse, it made quite a splash cos of their whimsy and cutting-edge design rooms. I only read about the French restaurant at Level 1 recently and was drawn by the colourful and unique decoration of the place.


Went over for lunch with my wonderful colleagues, I really appreciate them for being as adventurous to try out new eateries – even without knowing where I’m going to bring them to for lunch.


We tried their Weekday Quick Set Lunch $29++ comprising of

  • Fine Herb Green Salad Green salad dressed in fine herbs & sherry mustard vinaigrette – I liked the subtly sweet sherry mustard vinaigrette.
  • Smoked Salmon, caramelised onion & caper tart baked in puff pastry with creme fraiche and fresh dill – Pastry was cripsy, the creme fraiche was velvety and smooth.
  • Mousse cup Caramelised banana & coconut mousse –  The mousse had subtle coconut taste while the macaron consisted of finely grated coconut. The caramelised banana at the bottom was pretty nice, but overall this dessert wasn’t to my liking.

We also ordered an ala carte Pistachio cake with honey and vanilla frosting but the cake was disappointing. The frosting was suitably sweet and nice but the cake was rather dry and slightly hard.

I felt that their main dishes were much better than their desserts. Despite having the set lunch, I still find the meal kinda pricey. Their ala carte dessert item wasn’t worth the price-tag.

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