Cafe Mosaic @ Carlton Hotel

Was at Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel (near City Hall) for their dinner buffet.

Perhaps cos it was a weekday, the place was pretty empty. The spread was rather ho-hum:

  • Cold Station with Oysters (1 type), Mussels, Scallops, Poached Prawns and Salmon Sashimi, some Sushis – although doesn’t look very appetising as the seaweed of the gunkans didn’t look crisp…
  • Salad counter
  • Cooked dishes – about 8 items largely Chinese items such as Stir-fried seafood, chicken teriyaki, sliced pork in sha-cha sauce, asam fish. Perhaps only the potato gratin seemed more Western and the lamb chop. 2 kinds of soup available – one western and one chinese soup.
  • Live station – Laksa and Grilled Beef.
  • Dessert

The food was rather average and none of the items was attractive enough to lure me to go for 2nd helping…

It would be better if the buffet featured some specialty items or a clearer “theme” for example at some places they placed emphasis on a huge variety of desserts/provision of Japanese dishes/provision of Asian cuisines etc…

Cafe Mosaic_Carlton

Coffee and tea were included in the price of the buffet and the coffee was the only notable item. I was happy with quality of their coffee cos it was not the ultra bland and watery kind; it was freshly brewed, thick and aromatic coffee from the Boncafe machine.

Frankly I don’t think its worth paying full price for it…I would gladly pay the same price to have a hearty and satisfying meal at the Chinese restaurant – Wah Lok in the same hotel instead.

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