Twelve Cupcakes

Once again this (Twelve Cupcakes) is something that I had tried before but never got about to post it. It was usually offered to me as a treat in only single piece and this was the first time I ever bought cupcakes from them personally and got to choose my own flavours.

Twelve Cupcakes

Bought a box of 6 and had a tough time choosing from their huge variety of flavours available. Other than the standard cupcakes (Everyday Flavours), each month there were special cupcakes available (Monthly Specials):

  • Baked with fresh fruit
  • Stuffed cupcakes
  • Contains Alcohol

Finally decided on: Chocolate Salted Caramel (Monthly Special for Sep, on Fridays), Baileys Chocolate (Monthly Special for Sep, everyday), Cookies and Cream, Espresso, Red Velvet, Mocha.

The cupcakes were (as always) soft and moist. So the differentiating factor was the flavours. While their red velvet and cookies and cream were amongst their best sellers, personally I didn’t really enjoy either the flavour of the vanilla cream cheese nor the texture of vanilla buttercream. Its totally down to personal preference, I had friends who swear by the Red Velvet. =)

I however liked the Choclate Salted Caramel. It had a nice crunch due to the small choc bits, not too much of the buttercream and not overly salty. Very well-balanced.

The one with coffee-based was also not too overwhelmingly strong, hence for those who can’t take too much caffeine – you wouldn’t have issues taking this.

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