Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013

Singapore hosted our 6th Formula 1 Grand Prix this weekend and along with this crown jewel race (being the only night race) there were lots of parties going on. I was lucky to snag an exclusive entry to the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge held in Marina Bay Sands.

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013_01

Despite being a Scotch Whisky brand, “Join the Pact” initiative was a huge part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of drink-driving. At the event they encouraged people to make a pledge to Never Drink and Drive, so i guessed many super car owners have to leave their prized possession at home.

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013_02

All the drinks at the event featured their Gold Label Reserve whisky. Amongst which, my favourite was the Johnnie Yuzu Sour cocktail as it had the citrusy and refreshing Yuzu juice.

Other than the cocktails, there was a Johnnie Walker Flavour Lab – an experimental bar, for us to try new and evocative serves of Johnnie Walker. There were 3 concoctions available and we managed to try all of them. Particularly enjoyed the sweet and fruity ones like Honey Bee – served as a Popsicle and the Gold Berry Rock, a raspberry cocktail solidified in liquid nitrogen. The last one – Johnnie’s Toddy, a classic warm cocktail simmered at 60 degrees Celsius and torched before serving, was kinda overwhelmingly alcoholic…

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge 2013_03

Apparently two-time F1 world champion Mika Häkkinen made an appearance at the event, though I wasn’t lucky enough to spot him amongst the crowd – he probably went to the VIP area…

Had a wonderful night at this great party~

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