AquaMarine @ Marina Mandarin

While most people avoided Marina Square area during F1, I typically enjoyed shopping there due to less crowd. Last year I didn’t managed to make a booking at AquaMarine in Marina Mandarin, this year succeeded in trying their Tunch Buffet ($48++ weekend).

They featured buffet spread of mainly of Asian cuisines and wide choice of desserts.

Sadly no sashimi nor cold dish station…only had nigiri…

I particularly liked the items at their Dim Sum selection: Glutinous Chicken Rice, Siew Mai, Char Siew Soh (but I think should be BBQ chicken filling since they are Halal restaurant) and best of all the Fried Shrimp wrapped in Shredded Wheat.

The DIY stations had Laksa – a perennial local favourite, diners had to blanch their choice of thick bee hoon, noodles or vermicelli and add in the ingredients; and Fruit Rojak.


For the cooked dishes they featured mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian food such as Chicken Rice, Beef Curry, Indian Yellow Rice along with variety of dishes.

Other than the western style desserts such as cakes and mousses, they also had the ice-shaving station whereby diners can make their own Ice-Kachang by adding ingredients such as attap chee (palm seed), red bean and colourful syrup etc.

This is a new option to add to the current (rather limited) list of “Halal” buffet places in Singapore. When organising buffet lunch with colleagues we’ve been going to Carousel (Royal Plaza on Scotts), Straits Kitchen (in Grand Hyatt hotel) and Tiffany Cafe (in Furama City Centre). The range and theme at AquaMarine seemed pretty similar to Straits Kitchen.

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