Chowon Garden

Chowon Garden used to be one of my favourite lunch places when my office was still located around Maxwell area. I fondly remember that they had those traditional Korean seating area whereby we had to take off our shoes before seated on the floor. They had since renovated and changed into normal table & chair seating. They still offer set lunch from about $15 onwards. Haven’t been visiting them since we shifted office, but its still within walking distance from my house. Since I had craving for Korean Kim Chi and I particularly liked their variety of starters provided, we dropped by for dinner.

Typically they offer 6 types of starters (complimentary): Kim Chi, something that looks like Pan-cake (dunno the actual term for it), seasoned radish, ikan bilis, fish cake and watercress.

We had the beef bulgogi and seafood rice cake. For large groups, should just try the korean BBQ.

As there was only 2 of us, they served our beef bulgogi on hotplate. However I must say the hotplate wasn’t sizzling when served and the beef was not exactly smoking hot.

The seafood rice cake looks really spicy cos of its bright red colour but we were certainly fooled by it. Its not as spicy as it looks. The rice cake was chewy and al-dente. However I felt it was kinda ex at $28. As mentioned earlier I was really there for the starter items so I guess they had factored in the cost of the starters in their items.

Last but not least, they serve a special drink at each table. Till now I haven’t got any clue what drink is that but I find it quite refreshing, should be some kind of tea…they can even refill it when you finish the bottle.

Chowan Garden

This place is runned by Korean family, so its very home-style. It is also frequented by many Koreans (the family type) given the number of “Anyohaseyo” greetings from guests walking into the restaurants and speaking in Korean.

[Updates on 16th Oct 13]

Surprisingly this was the first time I tasted 3 other starters in the restaurant after so many visits and they were equally good.

Chowan Garden_02

2 Peck Seah Street
Tel: 6225 1317

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