Liberty Coffee

For the past few months, my colleague had been keeping a lookout for the day Liberty Coffee is opened. Finally when she saw the updates on their Facebook page, she immediately informed us to mark on our calendar for a visit.

We dropped by to Liberty Coffee even before we had our lunch despite knowing that they don’t have any main food and only serves a limited choice of pastries.

I ordered a Flat White but cos it was pretty crowded we ordered takeaway. While waiting for our drinks, we managed to get 1 seat at the back of the shophouse.  So we huddled around while savouring the coffee and the Lemon Poppy Cake. The cake wasn’t too citrusy nor sour, it was moist and well-balanced.

Liberty Coffee

Can’t comment much about the coffee cos I’m don’t have much knowledge about it. Can only say that the roast used was pretty robust and left a lingering aromatic aftertaste.

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