Nara Thai Cuisine, Singapore

Read about Nara Thai Cuisine when I was shortlisting places to eat (they were voted Thailand Best Restaurant for many years) for my Bangkok trip earlier this year. However we eventually gave it a miss although we passed by it by chance at Central World Plaza. Heard that they recently opened an outlet in Singapore and since my usual Thai restaurant was closed for renovation, we made our way to ION to try out their dishes.

I was pleasantly surprised to see signature drinks concocted by Bar Stories for Nara Thai in the drinks menu and we ordered the Bangkok Rose Soursop, calamansi , rose and vodka. The drink itself was pretty ok but I thought it was slightly overpriced given the amount of ice left over in the glass after I finished the drink and its plain presentation.

Nara Thai Cuisine Singapore

Food wise we had their Assorted Nara’s Hors d’oeuvre (Appetizer) which was a mixed platter comprising of tasting portions of Satay Gai (chicken), Pandan Chicken, Thai Fish Cakes and Pomelo Salad. The most notable item would be the Pandan Chicken which was chewy and firm. The pomelo salad was citric but well-balanced. Fish cake was akin to firmer and drier version of Otak. Main disappointment was the satay gai as it had too much tumeric taste and was not warm at all.

Tried their Phad Cha Talay Mix Seafood with Chilli, Hot Basil and Galenga, also served lukewarm but the squid was chewy and the gravy goes well with rice.

The star dish had to be the Tom Yum Kung River Prawns in Spicy Lemongrass and Lime Soup. The prawns was huge and succulent, the rich soup packs in the punch even though the fiery red/orangey soup doesn’t taste as spicy as it looked.

We wanted to end our meal with the classic Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice but unfortunately it was sold out. Somehow I hadn’t got much luck with eating Mango Sticky Rice…I didn’t even managed to try any in my 3 days trip to BKK…

This was the 2nd time I had to be contented with its replacement – Durian Sticky Rice. I felt the durian puree had a funny sour taste…luckily I managed to finish the fresh durian meat. This dessert was also pretty disappointing, I had much better Durian Sticky Rice than this…

Overall there were hits & misses at this eatery. Perhaps their fame as “Best Restaurant in Thailand” led me to having high expectations on them. Pricing wise, I felt it was certainly much more expensive than their Thai outlet…so for regularly travellers to BKK better to visit them in Thailand.

P.S I read that they serve Butterfly pea flower drink at the place. Can’t believe that I missed it during my visit…I searched high and low for this drink in BKK and failed to find it…I first had it in Siem Reap and was captivated by its purplish-blue colour.

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