Pulau Joyo, Bintan

It was a castaway dream came true, being “stranded” on a (almost) private island – Pulau Joyo in Bintan for a weekend. The key difference between really stranded on a remote island versus enjoying our holiday break was the full-board, all-inclusive services. We had local Indonesian food for our 3 days stay in the Javanese styled beachfront house.

Pulau Joyo_03

I’m including this post (although its not an eatery/restaurant) because to me enjoying a good meal is not only about the food, it is also about the ambience and overall environment.

The food served here on the island might be simple Indonesian fare, but the seafood dishes were all very fresh: Fishes, squids, prawns etc. I particularly enjoyed the Indonesian Spicy Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce that was provided with fried/grilled fishes. Although it was only chopped chilli with soy sauce I guessed it was the particular type of Indonesian “kecap manis” which made the difference. For those who like fried ikans, this would be a great find. Not sure if this is available in Singapore supermarts as I didn’t have the chance to visit stores in Bintan to buy it back.

Pulau Joyo_01

As mentioned earlier its not only about the food, what made the meal enjoyable was the wonderful and fantastic view/decoration/set-up. The materials used for the set-up/decorations were all obtained from the island’s resources such as Hibiscus flowers, Spider-lily flowers and Sea shells. The tiny crab was an unexpected guest though…

Pulau Joyo_04

Every meal was arranged in different parts of the island in order for us to take in the views from different area. Sometimes its by the swimming pool, sometimes its by the beach. All these adds-up to form a wonderful memory of what we had eaten…I like to call it the “holiday effect”…

Pulau Joyo_02

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