Sushi Burrito [Closed]

Another new eatery opened in 100AM recently, targetting at providing fast & healthy food to busy OLs nearby. Sushi Burrito as the name implies is a fusion between sushi and burrito. It somehow reminds me of QQ Rice, my go-to option when I want to have a simple & quick lunch.

Sushi Burrito

The size/portion of the sushi burrito was larger than I expected and I found it quite filling for ladies. On the menu, the eatery had printed the calories for each roll, so for the health conscious they can use that as a reference on which roll has lower cal. Each sushi burrito cost between $10.90-$12.90.

We had 1 set meal (top up around $5)- including 1 sushi burrito, free-flow drink, option of 1 light snack and 1 dessert. I chose the wasabi chips and pitan tofu as dessert (I thought pitan tofu is usually served as appetizer?).

Ordered the Salmon Rumba which had Grilled Salmon as the main ingredients along with the greens and Mentaiko with Teriyaki sauce; added 1 ala-carte Rainbow Shrimp with prawns and Naruto Maki as main ingredients along with Tartar and Brown sauce. I quite enjoy the Rainbow Shrimp combi. However I felt that the sushi rice was a tad cold – its colder than room temperature kind of cold. I would prefer the roll to be abit warm.

For the price, I think I would prefer to have proper sushi meal instead. But for busy executives they can consider this if they need to have lunch meeting as the rolls are mess-free and they provide delivery to offices.

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