Got a nice surprise when I was notified by 1-Altitude that I won the “The Rocky Horror 1-Altitude Party” giveaway by I-S Magazine. It included a dinner valued at $200 at Stellar (restaurant on Level 62) and entry to 1-Altitude for their themed party.

So off I went to enjoy the party~

1 altitude_01

Had previously dined at Stellar before during Restaurant Week in Mar 13 (see post here). This time round, we had the option to choose either ala-carte, Halloween Set Dinner or the Stellar Gastronomic tasting menu. Even though we knew we would exceed the $200 value we still went ahead to order from their Stellar Gastronomic tasting menu, its a design-your-own course menu that allowed us to select our choice of dishes for 4/5/6-course dinner.

The amuse bouche – watermelon tartare, mango, crispy chorizo, shaved whites and our first course was served while we were seating under some “red” lights, hence the poor lighting. While the red toned lights was great for creating the Halloween ambience, I must say the lighting sort of affected appetite? Didn’t feel that I could taste the food properly…Anyway the starters were:

  • SCALLOP Open ravioli of scallop and parmesan with Custard, pear and zucchini paper 
  • SMOKED EEL Gin and juniper cured ocean trout / Smoked eel, cod brandade/Baby potatoes and capers with Sea urchin sauce – The plating made the individual sub-items seemed disjointed.

1 altitude_03

Luckily the server soon offered to move us to an available table by the window, with magnificent view of MBS opposite. With proper lighting, the photos turned out great thereafter.

We had another 2 more starters, 2nd-course:

  • CRAB IN TWO JAPANESE STYLES Hokkaido snow crab and yuzu miso roll, Age dashi Alaskan king crab with Japanese plum textures – The presentation looked refined and well-placed. However frankly I didn’t exactly taste the crab, though I still enjoyed the fresh sushi roll.
  • QUAIL Grilled tiger prawn and boneless quail salad with Persian feta and pomegranate – Felt that the veg was chopped into too small pieces and hence it felt a bit soggy, slightly lacking in the crisp of crunchy fresh salads.

1 altitude_04

For main course, we had:

  • LOBSTER Poached Maine lobster risotto with freshly shaved black winter truffles – Managed to taste bits of lobster meat with the rightly textured risotto, though it was slightly too salty for my liking. 
  • KOBE C Smoked 4-hour roasted Kobe C prime rib with Short rib hash, young vegetables and foie gras sauce – This had to be the best dish for the night, the beef was tender and chewy. Had a nice brown outer rim with the pinkish centre. The hash was also tasty with the slightly charred top that enhanced the aroma.

Can’t enjoy beef without wines right? So we had Shiraz from Tempus 2 to pair with the meal. Along the courses we already tried 1 Sauvignon Blanc from Cloudy Bay and 1 Pinot Grigio from Marchesi Frescobaldi.

Ended our meal with ‘dessert art’ performed at our table, we chose Valrhona chocolate bomb and Flaming baked Alaska. The chef decorated the glass plate swiftly and torched the meringue. Followed by pouring warm berry compote over the chocolate bomb that slowly melted. What a sweet ending to our dinner.

Moved up to the 1-Altitude rooftop bar, where we can enjoy panoramic view of Singapore CBD skyline. It was pretty cooling and windy since its already nearing mid-night. I recalled that previously I visited them at around evening time and felt that the warm weather was “too hot to handle”, even our drinks doesn’t stay chilled for long – couldn’t bear staying there for long. Hence for people who want to go to the rooftop bar to take in the views, arrange to come preferably after 9pm.

1 altitude_02

Thank you once again to 1-Altitude and I-S Magazine for the wonderful prize~

P.S We spent an extra $100+ for our meal – largely due to my greediness in wanting to order wines to go with our meal. 😉  

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