Drury Lane Cafe

In late Nov, when I was rummaging through my stack of receipts from past meals I noticed the receipt from Drury Lane Cafe. It then dawned on me that it seemed like I hadn’t wrote a post about them…must be the after-effects of going to a Halloween party the night before…

Anyway I remembered that since we slept late after the party, naturally our first meal of the day would be Brunch. We strolled down Tanjong Pagar road to find Drury Lane Cafe which was opened on a quiet Sunday noon. The cafe occupied two storeys of the shophouse space, with mostly counter seats on the ground floor. We proceeded to the upper floor after placing our food & drinks order.

Drury Lane Cafe

Ordered a Flat White with Smoked Salmon & Mushroom Sandwich; Ice Mocha with Cloud 9 Fluffy pancakes, poached pear with berry compote and honey. The sandwich was acceptable but nothing fantastic. I however remembered the pancakes which was soft and warm, especially liked the poached pear and compote.

We didn’t stay long at the cafe, not because of ‘hangover’…but more because the seats we were sitting was pretty uncomfortable. It was a bench made of planks/wooden boxes, laid over with a thin flat cushion. *Maybe I have weak butts…*

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