Moi Lum Restaurant

I’ve frequently visited the Chowan Garden Korean restaurant a few units away from Moi Lum Restaurant, however this is the first time I visited Moi Lum. I guess its because this Cantonese restaurant didn’t used to have individual portioned set lunch menu and our lunch group was too small to go for full course set.

Was looking for a place for dinner around Maxwell area when I thought of this place again and decided to give them a try. We were surprised to know that they offer set meal starting from 2 pax for dinner and even has individual portioned set lunch (starting from $7.90).

For the set dinner ($35), it included 5 items for 2 pax:

  • Sea Cucumber with Enoki Mushrooms Soup (1 portion each pax) – didn’t taste much of the sea cucumber, but had quite a lot of the enoki mushroom.
  • Sauteed Broccoli in XO Sauce – the sauce was slightly spicy but overall pretty ok dish
  • Shredded Roast Duck Meat with Seasonal Vegetables – while eating this item we were wondering if the duck meat were meat from the Peking Duck of other customers?
  • White Bait Fish Fried Rice – the crunchy white bait fish added much fragrance to the fried rice. This was very well-done and tasty.
  • Dessert – was served Chilled Sea Coconut with Fungus.

We added an ala-carte Fried Scallop Roll which turned out to be the best dish aside from the fried rice. The mayonnaise dip which came with the dish had Tobiko (prawn roe) mixed inside as we can see tiny bits of them. The roll was also freshly fried to a nice crisp.

Moi Lum Restaurant

The set lunch should be worthy of a try for people working nearby to drop by for a visit.

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