49 Seats [Relocated]

Was cracking my brain for dinner options when I recalled this eatery nearby that was mentioned by a colleague – 49 Seats.

Its a bistro mainly serving Western food. We tried their Mushroom Soup, Fried Fish Bites and Chicken Chop with choice of 2 side dishes.

49 seats

The soup was quite creamy and I enjoyed the freshly fried fish bites. The fish was moist while the breaded crust was crispy. I felt that the chicken chop was slightly too soft for my liking although it was still acceptable.

Perhaps I should try their Pasta in future as it seems like a few other customers ordered their pasta.

The great thing about this place is they are opened till late – 2am on weekdays and 4.30am on weekends. Another place to catch supper with a cold beer – see from the shelves pasted with label of beers available at the eatery: Corona, Stella Artoise, Hoegaarden, Tiger and Apple Cider.

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