Lady M Confections, Singapore [Relocated]

My colleagues got me the Signature Mille Crêpe from Lady M Confections. It’s their first outlet in Singapore. As it was a takeaway, the staff took much care when packing the delicate Mille Crepe.

Placed in a huge box with 2 side supporting paper wedge to keep the layered crepes in position. Was told that there were at least 20 layers of crepe forming each cake. The original vanilla flavour was rich and creamy.

Lady M

Would return to try their other favorites such as the Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake and Checkers Board Cake that looked so pretty.

[Updates on 9th Jan 14]

I’ve finally tried the Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake and I’m loving it more than the original version. The main reason was its not as creamy & gelard as the vanilla one. Judging by the looks one can tell that there was much less cream in between the layers of crepe. Hence the cake looked more compacted than the original flavour version.

Much thanks to my colleague who bought it for me. According to her when she bought them around evening time and there was only a few pieces left in the display.

Lady M_02


[Updates in 2015]

Lady M has relocated to Orchard Central.

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4 Responses to Lady M Confections, Singapore [Relocated]

  1. anonymous says:

    is the green tea crepe available now? apparently it’s “seasonal” .

    • Hi

      It wasn’t available when I visit them. You can refer to their website whereby they list down what’s available in the current month. The green tea was available when they first opened about 2 months ago. I wanted to try the green tea flavour as I’m a green tea lover. But I guess by making it limited edition, it is somehow more cherished 😉

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