Sushidai, Singapore [Closed]

With my unfruitful 3.5hrs wait at Sushi Dai, Tokyo inside the Tsukiji market in Feb 13 still fresh in my memory (see post), I was certainly excited to know that Sushidai Singapore has quietly opened in Marina Mandarin Hotel. Yes, quietly because other than a tiny column published on the newspaper, I couldn’t find any info about the opening of this restaurant on the internet.

This time round we don’t need to spend endless hours queuing, making a reservation was simply a phone call away. However no matter how fresh the ingredients here were (supposedly air-flown from Tsukiji market), there is no way the freshness can beat those in Tokyo. I’m visiting Sushidai Singapore to make up for my missed opportunity earlier…although I know its hard to compare it with the one in Tokyo.

Sushi Dai Singapore_01

For a start, the dining ambience in Singapore restaurant belonged to the fine-dining setting compared to the small and cramp outlet in Tokyo. The zen-like decoration and spacious seating is much welcomed, making guests very comfortable while dining. There is even a private room available for booking as well.

We were served by Executive Chef Fumikazu Chnuki for our Omakase Tsuki course ($250) comprising of appetizer, assorted sashimi, 2 assorted dishes, 10 pieces nigiri sushi, maki sushi, soup and Japanese fruit.

Appetizer consist of Mackerel, Pumpkin, Konnyaku Jelly with Tofu and Seasame, Seaweed Kombu. The pumpkin was sweet, the konnyaku which was chewy and seaweed was crunchy.

Assorted Sashimi consist of Clam, Squid, Big Eye Tuna, Red Snapper and Fatty Tuna. The fatty tuna really melts-in-the-mouth. The clam was really chewy.

Sushi Dai Singapore_02

First assorted dish was Radish with Gindara which had rich and buttery flesh. Second assorted dish was Deep Fried Shrimp Roll.

After finishing the cooked items, we were served wasabi plant (the stem part) as palate cleanser. This part of the wasabi plant is crunchy but not as spicy as the rhizome (part grated into wasabi paste).

Sushi Dai Singapore_03

*Please pardon me if I have listed the name of the fishes wrongly as Chef speaks little English, do correct me if you can identify them*

We commenced our nigiri sushi: Clam, Kinmedai (Sea bream)*not sure cos I thought the chef said Sea Eel – but its not possible…* I liked it as it was smooth and melts-in-your-mouth, followed by Japanese pickles.

Kinmedai aburi , Kawahagi (leather jacket) with Liver, Akagai (Ark shell) – chewy with slight briny taste.

Sushi Dai Singapore_04

Tamago, Aoyagi (Giant Orange Clam) – another chewy and sweet textured mollusk, Sawara – beautifully braided.

Actually towards the end of our meal, all other guests had left and we had the chance to chat with Chef through the help of a Japanese service staff who did the interpretation for us. Hence we were slightly distracted and lost track of the items presented to us.

Chu toro, Uni-Ikura don, Anago

Sushi Dai Singapore_05

Ended our meal with a nice clear broth – which is different from the usual miso soup and the ever sweet Japanese fruit & mochi.  

Sushi Dai Singapore_06

We had a great time sharing with Chef about our Japan trip experience and the fabulous food there. The Chef, after knowing that we queued 3.5 hrs in Tokyo also commented that we should have been at Tsukiji at 5am to get into Sushi Dai~

P.S The Business Times reported that “the restaurant is connected to the Tokyo Sushi Dai but “under different owner”.”

6 Raffles Boulevard
#04-600 Marina Mandarin Hotel
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6820 0637

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4 Responses to Sushidai, Singapore [Closed]

  1. Thanks for the reply! I enjoyed Shinji because of the quality of the fish and uni and also the warm sushi rice. I think I would prefer Sushi Ichi better as I prefer more fish than shellfish. Will try Sushi Ichi after I visit Hashida Sushi, it’s on my next to try sushi-ya, have you been there?

  2. How does Sushi Dai compare to Shinji and Sushi Ichi? I have been to Shinji twice and loved every single piece of sashimi and sushi was pure bliss, especially their uni, ikura and negtoro mini chirashi. Thinking of trying Sushi Ichi or Sushi Dai. Which would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Hi Felicia
      Not sure if you enjoyed Shinji cos you are a fish lover? When I was there, they served quite a lot of fish nigiris. I enjoyed my meal at Sushi Ichi more than Sushi Dai, partly cos we had more types of fish nigiris at Ichi; whereas when we were at Dai we had quite a few clams. The Chirashi at Ichi was also memorably good for me. Whichever choice you make, hope you have a wonderful meal ahead!

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