Gyoza King by Ramen Keisuke

Gyoza King By Ramen Keisuke is finally opened for business. Housed along the same stretch as Tonkotsu King, also a corner unit but at the other end of Orchid Hotel in Tanjong Pagar. The shop space for this unit is equally compact. But unlike Tonkotsu King that has low tables, the Gyoza King only has high counter seats that faced the tiny open-concept kitchen.

Gyoza King

We ordered 2 Gyoza Sets that comprises of choice of Pork/Chicken/Prawn Gyoza, choice of 2 side dishes with Rice & Soup (Miso/Vege). So we managed to try 4 out of the 8 available side dishes.

For Gyoza we had the Chicken and Prawn ones. Personnally I preferred the Prawn one as it had a tinge of “seafood” umami. The gyozas itself were not exactly ‘fantastic’, compared to other famous gyoza eateries the ones here wasn’t too crispy on the outer surface, but were reasonably good.

The side dishes were lacklustre. Of the 4 dishes: Chicken Nanban with Tartar sauce, Deep fried Tofu with minced pork gravy, Deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce & sesame, Stir-fried egg with tomatoes, I enjoyed the Deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce & sesame the most. The chicken nanban with tartar was also quite ok but if I were to choose between the 2 chicken options, I’ll go with the black pepper version as the sauce was more unique. The tofu and egg dish failed to excite my palate.

The Japanese condiment which was to be sprinkled on the rice was really tasty. It definitely enhanced the meal. I had been adding in a few times throughout my meal. Too bad I was quite full and can’t finish the regular sized rice…There are options to choose Mini/Regular/Large sized rice (all at same price for set meal).

Having the Gyoza set was sufficiently filling for me and its priced similarly to having a bowl of ramen at Tonkotsu King. However if there is no exceptionally long queue at Tonkotsu King, I would still prefer to have a nice slurpy ramen soup than the gyoza set.

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