Streets of London @ British Hainan

While deciding on the venue for our annual Xmas gift exchange between my deary jie-meis in office, I recalled a place earlier shared by one of them – Streets of London @ British Hainan. We hadn’t visited the place cos of its location. But since the gift exchange is a “special event”, we made our way to the eatery via taxi during lunch.

The place has a setting that reminds me of our home in the 80s as it is filled with many vintage household items. ย Dining here feels like revisiting our home in our growing up days. The ladies had a fun time posing around with the items in the retro settings.

We tried the Clams with White Wine sauce, Oxtail Stew – House Special, IPA Chicken and Fish & Chips.

The clams soup was flavoursome and tasty. Ox tail was soft and tender. These were the must-try dishes here worthy of special mention.

Streets of London @ British Hainan_01

Streets of London @ British Hainan_02

The IPA Chicken was slightly dry – or maybe just the portion that I tasted from my colleague. I had the fish & chips but felt that the fish flesh was slightly mushy inside.

Overall the antique filled store with the homely theme made us feel cosy & welcomed.

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