The Blue Ginger Restaurant

The Blue Ginger Restaurant is a Peranakan (amalgamation of Malay and Chinese cuisine) restaurant in Tanjong Pagar area.  However I hadn’t tried any Peranakan eateries since I last had one at least 10 years ago at Novena area and didn’t really fancy trying Peranakan food again cos of buah keluak taste…

Nonetheless giving this eatery a try since its a family gathering. Having passed by this place many times (usually quite packed), I didn’t even know that they also occupied the 2nd storey space as well until this visit.

Left the food order to the others who had been singing praises of the place. Started off with Otak Otak, Kang Kong and Sambal Udang Stir-fried prawns in rich, hot and spicy chilli paste.

The otak was soft and moist, not too spicy for most people. The kang kong was pretty standard. Prawns was fresh and succulent. So far none of the items had the buah keluak taste that I dreaded.

Blue Ginger

Then came the Sotong Keluak Fresh squid stir- fried with black nut paste and tamarind juice. I ate this dish not knowing that it contained buah keluak (Black nut paste)….but at first bite, I could tell…thankfully the taste wasn’t that overpowering, managed to finish the small piece of squid.

Nonya Fish Head Curry Red snapper with ladies fingers and eggplant cooked in a traditional home-style curry was next. The curry was pretty savoury and nice, goes well with rice. The best item for the dinner was Satay Babi Stir-fried lean pork slices marinated with spices. The meat retained its juiciness & tenderness. I’m puzzled as to why its listed as “stir-fried” in the menu when it seemed to be grilled?

Ended the dinner with desserts – Durian Chendol and Chendol. The durian taste wasn’t overpowering and was well-balanced with the coconut milk and gula melaka. Typically I don’t really like gula melaka, but this was still acceptable.

My experience at Blue Ginger wasn’t too bad, the food was nicely cooked. Perhaps cos most of the dishes ordered were not the very traditional Peranankan type and were in fact rather common dishes that we have in other Chinese eateries. For the adventurous people, they should try the more Peranakan signature dishes such as Ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Pong Tay.

Although this experience of Peranakan cuisine wasn’t too bad, it still didn’t gave me enough confidence to visit Candlenut (another Peranakan eatery nearby at Outram area), to try their slightly modern Peranakan food.

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