Sandaime Bunji, Singapore

Found Sandaime Bunji while walking around Millienia Walk, the restaurant caught my attention as it was filled with many Japanese customers. It was upon closer scrutiny of the menu then I knew that they are specialising in Gyutan – grilled beef tongue. Nonetheless they also serve grilled tenderloin steak.

We went for a Sendai Gyutan Steak (8pcs) SP set that comprises of Ox Tongue, Salad, Tofu, Ox Tail Soup, Rice, Oden, Satsumaage (fried fish cake), Salmon Sashimi, Chawanmushi & Dessert. Add-on an ala carte beef skewer.

The gyutan was chewy with slight crunch, the texture tasted rather similar to chicken gizzard. I also enjoyed the fried fish cake and oden. Both the broth for the oden and the Ox Tail soup were mildly flavoured though the oden tasted sweeter.

Was slightly disappointed with the beef skewer as it was abit dry.

Sandaime Bunji

Generally beef tongue is not common in Singapore and I had only tasted beef tongue once in Australia before trying this grilled version. I would say this is a dish only for people with ‘acquired taste’.

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