The Public Izakaya by Hachi (100am)

The Public Izakaya by Hachi took over the premise of Dimpas Asian Bar in 100AM. I would think that this izakaya is somewhat related to Hachi Restaurant at Mohd Sultan, afterall it bears the same “Hachi” logo.

This place is often filled with many Japanese customers whenever I passed by, hence its atmosphere felt quite vibrant, typical to see groups of Jap men dressed in their white long-sleeve shirt chilling here.

The interior of the place had bar counters facing either the Sumiyaki skewer area or the drinks bar counter. We sat at the communal table right smacked in the centre of the dining hall.

The Public Izakaya by Hachi_01

Started with some light dishes: Maguro Yukke Chopped Tuna with Raw Egg & Chopped Spring Onion, Chawanmushi, Kyuuri Shiro Miso Fresh Japanese Cucumber with Garlic & White Miso Dressing. Luv the cucumber with miso, refreshing and crunchy.

Followed by an Omakase skewer set – 7 pieces.  The 7 included Chicken Wings, Gizzard, Shishito Pepper, Shiitake, Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Tsukune, Kashiwa.

The Public Izakaya by Hachi_02

We still felt slightly hungry after having the bar bites so we ordered a Mixed Tempura Udon.

The food here were of reasonably good quality but I still preferred Shunjuu Izakaya as my fav Sumiyaki place for their larger variety of drinks & food menu.

[Update in Nov 14]

New and bigger outlet opened in Altez. See post here.

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