The Pizzaria @ Kulm Hotel, St Moritz

Weather changes so fast around the region that after a day of clear blue sky, heavy snow greeted us the next morning. The snow and wind was so bad that many of the chairlifts and pistes were closed. We used the opportunity to walk and explore the St Moritz village and decided to have lunch at The Pizzaria inside Kulm Hotel.

Kulm Hotel is one of the top 5 luxury hotel in St Moritz but we found out that the lunch menu pricing was much more value-for-money than dinner menu pricing. Since there was no “cheap” options in St Moritz – no fastfood outlet at all, we needed to stretch our dollar.

The restaurant has a cosy feeling as the walls were covered with wooden panelling. In days of good weather, the large window oversees the Lake St Moritz. However since it was a day with heavy snow it was a white-out view.

We ordered a Risotto with saffron and shrimps and a Rump steak with Rösti. Since we were in Switzerland, we wanted to try their local wines and paired our meal with 1 white wine – 2010 Schloss Salenegg, Chardonnay, Maienfeld, Grisons, Suisse and 1 red wine – 2011 Georg Fromm, Pinot Noir, Malans, Grisons, Suisse.

The Pizzaria

The risotto texture was well-cooked, sprinkled with flavoursome cheese gratings. Rump steak was well-cooked to our request of medium and the rosti was really nice. It was the first time we ever had Rösti in Switzerland, the potato grated to perfect thickness resulting in a great texture whereby there was a slight crust on the outer layer and moist (not mushy) on the lower layer.

As for the wines, we enjoyed the white wine in Switzerland more than the red – perhaps due to personal wine preference too. Typically I am more of a red wine drinker but after tasting the white wines in Swiss, it changed my perception of white wines. The white wine was crisp and smooth.

For red, Swiss were known for Pinot Noir as the more common grape varieties and I prefer medium-bodied to full-bodied red.

This meal cost CHF90 (S$130)…I think if we were up on the slopes we probably would only spend CHF20 for a pack of potato chips and 2 beers~ The poor weather had made us poorer…

For the rest of the day we wandered around the village, including the shopping street lined with branded stores. Saw others holding a shopping bag from Coop that was deliberately designed using veg & fruits to make up the iconic “LV” monogram so we bought one for fun too – why can’t our NTUC come up with such interesting design that would make using recyclable bag “fashionable”? Found the Olympic stone commemorating the Winter Olympic Games held in 1928 and 1948.

yummydelight_st moritz_01

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