Veltlinerkeller Restaurant, St Moritz

For our last meal in St Moritz, we managed to find an eatery – Veltlinerkeller Restaurant, that is mid-range and popular with locals. Reservation is a must. We were only given 1 slot: 7pm to 8.30pm, meaning we had to vacate the seats promptly. The cosy restaurant has a “moosehead” on one side of the dining hall – we were eating right under its nose~ They had a charcoal grill at the side where the staff cooks all the grilled items in it, so there was a slight grill smell after we finished our dinner.

I was delighted to finally see the wine that I was looking for in Switzerland in this restaurant – Aigle Les Murailles. This wine is made from Chasselas grapes which is not commonly grown in Australia (I tend to drink Australian wines as they are rather easily available in Singapore), but is one of the main varietal in Swiss.

Wines in Switzerland are produced for largely for local consumption with very low volume or none for export, hence this trip would make it a rare chance to taste their wine. This wine didn’t disappoint, it was really nice – smooth (low acidity) and easy to drink.


Now for the food, we read that the pasta are all hand-made here, so we planned to try a variety of pastas. We had Beef steak tartar with toast, “Pizzoccheri” Veltlinerkeller and Ravioli “Valtellina” Black flour- pasta, filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, with tomato sauce, butter-sage-garlic.


The service staff took the initiative to ask if we wanted to apportion the 2 pastas into 1 plate, so it was pretty neat and no messy sauce dripping all over the table =)

Both pasta were rather unique and tasty. I definitely liked the texture of them, chewy and al-dente. Worthy of special mention was the Pizzoccheri – a type of short tagliatelle, a flat ribbon pasta, made with 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour. This pasta is more commonly found in the region of Graubünden (other than Italy of cos).

Similarly the ravioli was also made with “black flour” – buckwheat, but this was cooked with tomato sauce.

Although the portion looked small from the picture but we couldn’t finish them. Pasta can be really very filling….and we had to leave space to finish the wine. We even had to ask for takeaway dessert of Tiramisu as we were short of time (had to vacate by 8.30pm).

As mentioned this was a mid-range price restaurant. The pasta cost around CHF20 (S$28) each. The wine cost CHF54 (S$78). Needless to say this meal costed us close to S$100 per pax…

PS There are some Michelin-starred restaurants in St Moritz and Zermatt, but its clear that the pricing would belong to the HIGH $$$$ range… So we are keeping our Michelin-starred meals to Austria (our next stop) – where the cost of living is more palatable to our wallets…

Enjoyed wonderful weather on our last day in St Moritz – can see the “track” on the frozen lake whereby the White Turf (horse-racing and skijoring) competition would be held.

yummydelight_st moritz_02

Beautiful views, great wine – another Swiss white wine that we bought from Coop (taste great too) and our last souvenir from Swiss – Engadine nutcake given by our hotel, the cake is one of the gastronomic icons of Graubünden.

yummydelight_st moritz_03

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