Wien & Co., Vienna

After 10 hours on train we finally reached Vienna in late evening on a Sunday night. Most shops and eateries are closed on Sundays – one definite indication of the “work-life balance” lifestyle here.  Thankfully there is a drinking place, just a stone’s throw away from our hotel, that is open on Sundays. Wien & Co. is a chain of wine shops and bars in Vienna, just the right place for a quick dinner and the chance to have first taste of Austrian wines.

Ordered a Wien & Co Burger and asked the service staff to recommend us some Austrian wines. At their recommendations, we tried Big John’11 cuvee and Blaufrankisch Classic’11 –  both from Burgenland, one of Austria’s largest vineyard regions.

And there you see it, it cost less than €5.50 (< S$10) for each glass of wine. It’s even cheaper if buying by bottle at the shop =)

Wein & Co

We finally left the Swiss cost of living behind us…*time to eat & drink to our hearts ♥♥♥ content in Austria~*

After the meal, we started our night tour of beautiful Vienna. Most of the iconic buildings in the Altstadt (Old Town) were professionally lit-up to showcase their magnificent grandeur at night. We were in awe over the stunning night scenes – especially the majestic Hofburg Palace.


At the heart of Old Town was the imposing St. Stephen’s Cathedral and we went back again the next morning to admire its intricate & lavishly adorned facade.


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