Nordsee, Vienna

Nordsee is a German fast-food restaurant chain specialising in seafood, but we tried it in Austria as they were pretty commonly found here as well. Although its a fast-food restaurant, the food are still served on normal plates with proper utensils – not disposable plates etc.

We ordered a “Schollenfilet” €8.95 and a “Riesengarnelen vom Grill” (Grilled King Prawns) €17.95.

The fish fillet was pre-cooked and kept warm on the display shelves while the grilled king prawns were freshly prepared only after we placed our order.

Fish was pretty fresh, meat was tender and not mushy at all. The sides were all well-prepared. I was surprised by the quality offered by this so-called “fast-food” restaurant.

They also have a take-away counter whereby they sell fish & chips in paper bag at a very reasonable price of around €5 (can’t rem the exact price) and other snacks such as sandwiches, at some outlets they even sell sushi rolls.


Enjoyed another satisfying and economical meal in Austria.

More sights in Vienna – Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace and Rathaus (Town hall). Absolutely appreciate the impressive tour of the rooms in the opulent Baroque styled summer Palace of the imperial Habsburg family.


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