Breweries in Munich

Munich is famous for its breweries and how could I miss the opportunity to try the beers here? Afterall in Singapore there are also many German beer sold such as PaulanerKönig Ludwig and Löwenbräu. I always preferred Weissbier (wheat beer) to lager, somehow I sometimes gets a queasy feeling when I smell lager… Since I’m in Munich, I would be more than happy to try as many Weissbier as possible (of cos within reasonable limit) since it is a speciality from Bavaria.

Naturally we’ll skip those that I had tried before in Singapore, so on the first night in Munich we had Schnieder Weisse – at the bar in my hotel. On second night, we had Augustiner Weissbier at one of the bars, apparently this is one of the most recommended beer giving the world-famous Hofbräuhaus ones a run for its money. Some even say Augustinerbräu got the best Munich beer…

yummydelight_munich breweries_01

We managed to locate the Augustiner Bräustuben which is about 700m west of the Hauptbahnhof (main train station). However as expected, we didn’t like the loud, rowdy and noisy crowd…the hall was a bit dark and cramp.

On our last day in Munich, we dropped by the Hofbräuhaus at 4pm to try to beat the dinner crowd. However it seemed like the place is FOREVER FULL…and its opened from 9am in morning to 11.30pm.

This place was full of tourists (who just walks in to take photos) and drinkers too. We managed to get ourselves a seat by sharing table with another group occupying a long bench. Perhaps due to the ultra high ceiling and spaciousness of the hall, it didn’t feel too rowdy nor loud. Personally I prefer the  Hofbräuhaus to Augustiner Bräustuben. Upon seated, we started to admire the wonderful interior paintings.

I had to drink the Hofbräu Original (lager) cos on the menu the Weissbier was only listed for 0.5ℓ. We were in a beer hall…of cos we can’t lose face, must order the 1ℓ beer! Amazingly I can take the lager here as there was none of the smell of other lagers. For me, I would always take Weissbier followed by Pale Ale and only drink limited amount of lager…So its really difficult for me to find a lager that I like!

Despite having a dinner reservation later, I really wanted to try the Whole Roasted Knuckle of Pork served with homemade natural gravy and a potato dumpling – just to compare the difference between the ones served in Singapore vs the ones in Munich.

We weren’t disappointed. The pork knuckle in Munich had a really crispy skin yet ultra-tender & juicy meat! Usually in S’pore we had hard time finishing one, here we gobbled up the giant leaving only the bare bone. I also fell in love with the glutinous yet bouncy potato dumpling.

yummydelight_munich breweries_02

So what if Hofbräuhaus was said to be too “touristy”? Who cares so long as they continue to serve great beer & food.

Earlier we went for the Allianz Arena tour which was equally amazing, although it was more exciting to watch a live match there…unfortunately we would be on our flight back to Singapore on the Saturday that they would be playing…


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