The House of Robert Timms, Singapore

The House of Robert Timms has probably been around in Singapore for a couple of years and if my memory didn’t fail me the outlet at Wheelock Place was one of the first. I always had the impression that this is a just typical café place serving some light food. It didn’t help that I soon got to know that they serve games such as Kangaroo and Croc meat.  After knowing that I shunned the place even more…

What lured us to have our dinner at The House of Robert Timms was actually the TV screen showing English Premier League match that day. We decided to go in to have a drink and have some light bites. I was surprised to then know that they carried a variety of Aussie beers other than the commonly seen Fosters, they have several other beers from various regions of Australia such as Little Creatures, James Boag, Coopers, VB and Carlton Draught. Secondly I was surprised to see that they have quite an extensive menu serving proper meals.

We had their Mushroom Soup, Prosciutto and Grilled Pineapple Wild Rocket Salad and a pot of Steamed Mussels and Clams in white wine. The soup was rich, creamy and filled with tiny bits of mushroom.  The salad was what impressed me the most. It not only looked good – like roses sitting on a bed of garden plants. The prosciutto with grilled pineapple combination taste excellent as well. The tangy pineapple was a great match to the salty prosciutto. I guess this is similar to our mini hotdog with pineapple cocktail.  The mussels were a little too small but I liked that they had the mussels and clam combination, sometimes I don’t like overdose of mussels. The garlicky broth was also nicely done.

House of Robert Timms_01

When we finished watching our match and eating our meal, the place was just starting to get busy as more people packed the place on a Saturday night. In fact the outdoor seating area was fully occupied. After this visit, I definitely see The House of Robert Timms in a different light. What an irony that it was an English football match that attracted me to visit an Australian restaurant…On the other hand, I wouldn’t have visited them if they were showing say – Australian Football???? 

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