DIBS [Closed]

I recalled that a few weeks ago we walked by the shophouse unit that was undergoing renovation (took over Celina’s Gastrobar) and commenting that “Hey, seems like there’s a new eatery opening soon…” and voilà  I soon see DIBS being featured on the newspaper.  Not sure if the owners have any particular reason for naming the eatery DIBS, but I was told by someone who had watched seasons of How I Met Your Mother that calling ‘dibs’ means laying claim or rights to something. Oddly enough I didn’t have any recollection of watching the episode on “Sir Walter Dibs”.

Anyway back to DIBS, they had a menu of sharing plates (aka Tapas) concept. So we tried 1 dish from each category.


From “The Bar” we had Smokey Cocklescockles, smoked chillies, bacon dashi, which I felt the dish wasn’t flavoursome enough as I didn’t exactly taste the smoked chillies.

“The Starters” CevicheMadai tai, soya beans, chilli, vermicelli, had what tasted like cooked sliced fish(?) instead of raw fish. It didn’t taste like marinated raw fish. The vermicelli was slightly over-springy and caused a slight mess for ladies as it uncontrollably swipes over our upper lip. However not all is lost as the citrus juice and spices marinade was pretty nice.

“The Sides” Blistered Sprouts and Peppers Brussel sprouts, jalapeno, parsley, rice krispies, calamansi dressing was surprisingly superb. It had the right mix of flavours and texture. Crunchy brussel sprouts, crispy krisps with spicy jalapeno. Brussel sprouts never taste this good before!


“The Mains” Steak & RadishBeef short ribs, Bovril, daikon, bonito was an interesting dish with the radish disguised as “fries”. The beef short ribs was tender and juicy, glazed with thick Bovril, topped with generous portion of the smoky and intense flavoured bonito.

Lastly from “The Desserts” Bacon & ApplesApple pie, buttermilk ice cream, bacon. The apple pie was served warm and had a nice light flaky crust, providing a great contrast to the cold creamy ice cream.

For drinks we had Quöllfrisch (Lager) and Weizenbier both from Switzerland. Interestingly I didn’t see them while touring Swiss. I remembered the beer I had there was Calanda (produced by Heineken Switzerland).


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