Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa

Honestly I don’t really know whether to write a post on this. Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa no doubt is operating as a cafe, but seriously who is there just for their F&B? The stars there are the adorable furry felines. Actually I’m not a cat person…I’m rather fearful of stray cats as they seemed to have very strong predatory character and I am worried that they’ll suddenly pounce and attack me with their claws.

But I went ahead with this one as its one of the jie-mei’s birthday and we planned for a group outing. We only managed to book 1 hour at the cafe as the other slots were full. The 1 hour passed by very quickly as most of the time you’ll see humans eagerly pacing the room to try to snap photos of the cats.

While we were there (ard 2pm), most of the cats were sleeping. Only the young male – Mr White (the black cat) was more active and roaming around.

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa_01

There’s a booklet provided with introduction on the profiles of the cats. The cafe only sells simple drinks, cakes and desserts. But all of us couldn’t even finish the drink within the hour that we were inside the room filled with cats.

In total we counted that there were about 15 people in the room when we left, that is when its fully booked. Interestingly several of the guests at the cafe shared that they are already cat owners but still enjoyed spending time at the cafe playing with the cats.

While we all agreed that it was quite a fun experience at the cafe, most of the guys who heard that we needed to pay just to go play with cats said they find it puzzling…Indeed that explains why about 80% of the customers there were ladies.

Oh yes, I think I forgot to write that I had a can of Orange juice while I was there..That’s about the ‘food’ portion that I can write about…

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