Miam Miam

Recently my lunch group started to develop a “fatigue from planning for lunch” syndrome.  So we started an impromptu ‘game’ to let fate help us in part of our decision making. We will board the first bus that comes to the bus stop and we’ll decide where to alight. That’s how we boarded a bus headed towards Bugis Junction and I suddenly recalled a relatively new eatery called “Miam Miam”.

They positioned itself as a French-Japanese eatery and is located at the revamped area near the exit of ALT store on the 2nd floor. We had the Riz Noir Black Rice & Omu Egg squid-ink rice with assorted seafood, Miam Miam Capellini and Lobster Bisque Spaghetti. Ending our meal with one of their signature dishes – Caramelised Banana Soufflé Pancake.  I enjoyed my squid-ink rice (note: its not risotto) topped with the fluffy bright omu. The taste of squid-ink was rather mild and rice was moist and supple. The jap-style sauce with al-dente capellini topped with a poached egg was light yet flavoursome. The portion was also pretty generous. The most disappointing dish was Lobster Bisque Spaghetti. We unanimously felt that it tasted too “tomato-ey” and had an odd umami instead of the fresh lobster flavour that we were expecting in the sauce.

Miam Miam_01

Luckily the dessert more than made up for the slight hiccup in the spaghetti. The ultra airy & fluffy pan cake topped with the well-cooked soft caramelised bananas was perfect. Would gladly return to try their other pancakes & soufflé creations.

[Updates on 24th Mar 14]

My return visit to Miam Miam wasn’t as pleasant as my first.

Returned to try their Souffle Au Curry Baked rice with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli cheese topped with fluffy clouds of egg and the Apples & Granola Souffle Pancake.

The soup of the day – Clam Chowder was rather watery.

Miam Miam_02


As the Souffle Au Curry and Souffle Pancake both requires a waiting time of 20 mins, we asked them to cook both together since it was already 9pm, we didn’t wanted to waste time waiting for dessert. Also they ran out of Vanilla softee for the pancake and had to replace with Macha flavoured softee.

After 15 mins wait, they got our order wrong and served me Riz Au Curry instead. We had to return the dish and waited for them to re-do. Meanwhile they told us that they’ve already started preparing the Souffle Pancake…so we ended up having our desserts before the main… =(

The Apple & Granola pancake wasn’t as good as the Caramelised Banana one. I guess the taste was affected due to the replacement of Vanilla softee with Matcha one. We ate the pancake without the softee cos they’ve served the Matcha softee separately in another small dish. We did try to eat softee with the pancake, but the taste doesn’t blend well.

The long awaited Souffle Au Curry finally arrived, we loved how the fluffy golden egg looked. Sadly that’s about all we liked about the dish…Under the layer was foamy egg. There was only 1 single sausage with 2 balls of broccoli to go with the rice. We can’t finish the gelard cheese curry rice.

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