★ Candlenut

I’ve contemplated and hesitated for quite long on whether to give them a try since knowing the new Candlenut has opened in Dorsett Residences. Cos I had a misconception that Peranakan food all contains flavours that I don’t like such as Buah Keluak and Gula Melaka. Although I got slight comfort when I read that Candlenut is not a traditional Peranakan but modern peranakan-inspired cuisine.

What spurred me to visit them was due to the upcoming Restaurant Week. Saw that Candlenut is participating in the event but they are serving a ‘surprise’ 3-course menu. Felt tempted to visit them but worried that the surprise menu will contain food that I don’t like, so we went ahead to visit them for ala carte dinner ahead of Restaurant Week.


The menu at Candlenut is wide-ranging and despite my restrictions of avoiding buah keluak there are still many options for us to choose from.

We tried the Candlenut Satay Grilled spiced marinated meat skewers served with rich homemade pineapple peanut sauce, cucumbers & red onions – the meat was juicy and tender akin to yakitori meat, I liked the pineapple peanut sauce which was not too sweet. In fact I enjoyed the texture of Candlenut’s satay more than the normal satay that usually has meat that is more minced up and tend to be drier after grilling.

The Rendang Dry aromatic coconut curry with kaffir lime leaves and roasted coconut is available in 3 options: Duck, Lamb or Beef. We opted for the French duck breast, grilled and served pink. The duck breast was wonderfully chewy and tender, the slightly spicy paste liked mixture was aromatic but doesn’t overshadow the taste of duck meat.

My favorite dish for the meal was Sambal Petai Prawns Pan roasted tiger prawns w stinky petai beans, tamarind and sambal. When we ordered the dish, the staff was thoughtful enough to inform us that Petai has a strong and distinct taste. To which we happily said we were aware of the acquired taste. =) The sambal was more spicy than the rendang but we enjoyed the strong flavours along with the plump prawns.

For drinks we had Sparkling Cassis with lemon slices & lychee and Roasted rice milk with French rosebuds. While the cassis drink was refreshing, I loved the nutty & smokey unique flavour of roasted rice tea with milk.

Ended our meal with Mango Snow Compressed mango, calamansi lime sorbet, yoghurt snow butter shortbread crumble with gingerflower – orange-lemon reduction. Its a dessert filled with various fruits of unique flavours but they all blend well together.

This was a surprisingly satisfying meal. I look forward to visiting them again.

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