Visited Anti:dote by chance as we were lost for what to eat and decided to just have some light bites. Located at the lobby of Fairmont hotel, it’s a relatively new swanky cocktail bar, or rather a bar helmed by a mixologist?  Being a layman, I’m not sure if it’s just semantics or is there a clear line differentiating between mixologists and bartenders.  With the recent rise of cocktail culture in Singapore, many bars have started re-positioning themselves and offering more unique “designer” cocktails instead of the common cocktails.

It’s handy that the drinks menu included ratings of 1-5 indicating the drinks’ potency and refreshing level.  From the list of signature cocktails, we ordered Remedy Blanc vermouth, mango, bergamot, citrus, tequila and Brown Derby Grapefruit, honey, bourbon. The Remedy had a relatively low potency (2/5) and high refreshing level (5/5) while the Brown Derby had medium potency (3/5) and medium refreshing level (3/5). Both are priced at around $23++. The mixologist here doesn’t shortchange guests for their money as they spared no expense in the alcohol department, both drinks were solid concoctions.


Small plates wise, we tried the

  •  Langoustine tartar, peanut tofu, chilled tom yum broth ($16) – Came in 3 portions and I absolutely enjoyed this dish. I would term it as a “tom yum shots” as it’s akin to eating a miniature version of the soup with tofu and langoustine ingredients.
  • Braised veal cheek, caramelized shallots, Périgord black truffle bao ($20) – It was the first time I’m eating Chinese steamed bun with beef filling. The flavour of the braised veal was strong but I can’t taste the aroma of the truffle despite them placing generous slices on the bun. I’ve tried the Din Tai Fung truffle dumpling which had bits of truffle mixed into the minced pork filling and the truffle taste was wonderfully infused in the dumpling.  I think the key difference was the minced pork in the dumpling wasn’t braised, hence the flavor was more subtle such that we still managed to taste the truffle.
  • Crisp parmesan pizza, olive oil caviar, tomatoes, basil ($13) – I think amongst the 3 dishes this was the most value-for-money dish. The ultra thin biscuit-liked pizza, topped with generous semi-dehydrated parmesan and olive oil spheres was an addictive savoury snack.

Although the small plates were very exquisite, sad to say I felt that the small plates were so “airy-fairy” that we were still left hungry after the session which cost us a total of $110 (include drinks). While the ambience was chic and stylish, I think they should do something about the clear glass façade near the lobby. From where we were seated – on the low sofa, we were constantly being “flashed” by headlights of cars turning into the driveway.

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